To use Weld install the NuGet package:
Install-Package Weld

To integrate nicely with Typescript compilation make sure Weld is run first after which tsc can create the js. Like this:
 <Target Name="TypeScript" AfterTargets="WeldAfterbuild">
    <Exec Command="&quot;$(PROGRAMFILES)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\tsc&quot;     @(TypeScriptCompile ->'&quot;%(fullpath)&quot;', ' ')" />
  <Target Name="WeldAfterbuild" AfterTargets="AfterBuild">
    <Exec Command="&quot;.\..\packages\Weld.1.0.0\tools\Weld.console&quot; bin\$(TargetFileName) &quot;$(ProjectDir)\Scripts\Weld&quot;" />
Use the source code tab to download the project.

More documentation can be found on my blog at

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